General  World Development Report : 
World Development Indicators and other data :  country specific reports and data  UNDP HDR :  UN Economic and Social Development Portal  Information portal of the World Resource Institute  Data Portal of the UNEP
Health World Health Report :  Information System from WHO
Economic  World Bank development prospects, including global development finance  World Trade Statistics from WTO  Labour Statistics from ILO
International Migration Labour Statistics from ILO  Index of Economic Freedom  Program oriented information on International Trade
Environment  FAOSTAT, database covering agriculture related indicators  Agricultural Market Access Database  Global Environment Outlook  International Energy Agency, see the publication section for datasets
Worldbank green book Environmental Economics and Indicators…view from the World Bank perspective ! 
Population  UN publication on population, including HIV AIDS studies  Country Statistics compiled by UNICEF  Country Specific Demographic and Health Survey  Gender Statistics and Indicators from the World Bank
Governance  World Bank – GRICS indicators  Index of freedom in the world  Global corruption report from Transparency International 
Disaster  Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disaster,provides database
Conflict Country Inidcator for Foreign Policy, including ethnic division, history of conflict…

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